Tiefling Storm Sorcerer


Belial has a White Dragonling companion called Rikki Tikki that likes to hid in his cloak. He is rarely seen but always there.


As a child Belial was found on the edge of the forest in a village to the south of the Crimson Empire. He was found by a Hedge-witch by the name of Yama-ubi who lived on the outskirts of the village peddling cures and curses. Yama-ubi recognized the demonic nature of the the child and, more importantly, the latent magic power in his blood. As time went on she raised Belial as her own child, teaching him her knowledge of the ways of magic and power and always reminding him of the stigma attach to people like him by those who cannot comprehend magic. He grew up with the assumption that people would kill him out of hand if he ever revealed himself to the local villagers. As Belial grew to manhood Yama-ubi grew more and more paranoid of him, for her raising of him had a dark purpose. That night in the forest when she found him in the woods was the very same night she had lain with a married man in the local village, a man that had courted her promising eternal love, and than had thrown her from his house and declared her a witch and seducer when his wife caught them. As she fled into the forest and found the child she hatched a plan to use the child’s power and gain revenge on all those that had spit on her. For the many long years she had raised him she had also been working on a spell of immense power that would give her the power to destroy the village and give her supreme power. To complete this spell she needed three things: an eclipse, a host(herself), and a sacrifice with strong magical talents. On the night of the eclipse she drugged Belial and dragged him to her prepared circle to begin the ritual. As she gathered her wits and began the spell that she had spent so many years constructing and perfecting Belial regained consciousnesses. Recognizing the dangerous nature of the spell and feeling the leaching of his magic from his body he pleading with his mother to stop. In a fit of panic he released all his power in a burst reaching a level of power he had never found before. He felt the pulse of thunder in his heart answered by one above and his veins coursed with liquid lightning. Above the scene clouds gathered and rumbled with an unnatural fury blotting out the sky in a dark veil as the winds gathered and screamed in protest. A shout of rage and betrayal rose from Belial and was answered by the storm in kind as the winds formed into cones of power and destruction ravaging the forest and tossing Yama-ubi away and disrupting the ritual. As quickly as the storm came it faded and with it went the power in Belial limbs. He slumped to the ground in exhaustion his mind filled with the glory of the power that had been at his command. A moan grabbed his attention and he rose to find Yama-ubi impaled on a tree at the edge of the clearing. As he realized what he had done he fled from the clearing into the forest. Days later he wandered back to the cabin he was raised in determined to gather his belongings and start a new life. While searching the cabin he found a Yama-ubi journal, in which he discovered the the story of her banishing, her finding of him, and the spell to strip the magic of another and encase it in your own body. He gathered his belongings and burned the cabin down along with Yama-ubi and her journal, declaring that he would travel the world and learn to understand the power that had filled him in the storms embrace.


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